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Fats, Oil and Grease

When fats, oils, and grease are washed down the sink or toilet into the plumbing system, they cool, harden and stick to the inside of sewer pipes. Over time, the grease will build up and can block the entire pipe.

Where fat, oil & grease can be found

  • meats and bacon drippings
  • lards, shortening, cooking oil, butter and margarine
  • food scraps and baking goods
  • sauces, salad dressings and gravy
  • dairy products (milk and cream)
  • soups
  • sandwich spreads

What can you do to help prevent sewer system blockages

  • Never pour grease down sink drains or into toilets, as it can cause sewer backups in your home and neighbourhood.
  • Do leave it to harden or saturate with a paper towel and then place in the Garbage
  • Do put baskets/strainers into sink drains to catch food scraps and other solids. Empty the drain basket/strainer into the Garbage for disposal.