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Custom Work Rates


  1. The RM of Sifton performs custom work and rents out equipment that it owns from time to time.
  2. In order to maintain consistency, rates should be set out prior to the work or rental taking place.
  3. The purpose of this policy is to establish rates for custom work and equipment rental for the Municipality and the ratepayers it serves.


  1. The RM of Sifton shall refer requests for custom work and rentals to local private operators where available.
  2. The Municipality may enter agreements with other municipalities and/or provincial/federal agencies for custom work and the rates to be charged will be in accordance with the Manitoba Heavy Construction Annuals rates or as to be determined by both parties.
  3. Requests for Custom Work to be done outside the physical boundaries of the Municipality are to be at the discretion of the whole of Council.
  4. Fuel surcharge may be applicable at the time of request if work location is outside the municipality.
  5. Where the custom work or equipment is not readily available from private operators, and the Public Works staff together with the CAO and/or Administrative Assistant determines that the Municipality’s employees and equipment under their authority may be made available, the following rates shall be used:

Custom Work Rates

EquipmentWithin SiftonOutside Sifton
Grader (with operator)$100.00/hour (Minimum Charge $20.00)$120.00/hour (Minimum Charge $20.00)
Grader w/Snow Wing (with operator)$100.00/hour (Minimum Charge $20.00)$120.00/hour (Minimum Charge $20.00)
Grader with Sod Mulcher and Side Mount Mower (with operator)$130.00/hour$150.00/hour
Cat (with operator)$110.00/hour$130.00/hour
Cat and scraper (with operator)$120.00/hour$160.00/hour

Mobile Dumpster Rental Rates

$ 150.00 per use

  • Council decides if dumpster is emptied on site or if trailered to Waste Transfer Site on a “case by case” basis.
  • The use of the mobile dumpster is limited to 1 week per customer.